Top 5 trends from the Acetech, 2019

Its been 3 days since my visit to Acetech, 2019 but I just can’t get over the amazing concepts that I came across at the exhibition. Here are my favourites from everything that Acetech, 2019 had to offer

1. Customisable Tiles by Mosiacowall

This was one of my favourite stalls at the exhibit. Customisation is one of the biggest trends of this decade, and this stall showed me the potential to implement it into walls. Just imagine your living room with a beautiful mosaic that’s customised to your tastes with adhesive tiles, The possibilities are truly endless !

2. Sustainable Gazebo by Lancer

While glancing around different stalls I came across this beautiful Gazebo and couldn’t help but check it out. This is made out of marine fibre and is extremely heat resistant, which is perfect for Indian summers.

The biggest advantage of this material is that its sustainable, lightweight and very easy to maintain and install. I think these will be great addition to your villa’s design.

3. Digital lights by Nanoleaf

To be very honest, there are very few technological innovations in residential interiors, so naturally I was very drawn to these digital lights by Nanoleaf.

They have over 16 million colour options, are easily mountable and have an option to sync the lights to your music as well! you can even create your custom pattern on their app. This truly is the perfect blend between interior and technology.

4.Modular corporate furniture from Ezeefit

I really think that modular furniture is going to be the next big thing in corporate interiors.With shrinking office sizes, these booths are the perfect replacement to boardrooms.

They provide the same privacy as that of a board room but are much more stylish and comfortable than the former. This is going to be one concept that I’m definitely going to recommend to my corporate clients.

5.Oversized accessories by Space-Inn

As I have mentioned on my instagram page excessively, Oversized accessories are huge part of this surge of maximalistic interiors. I especially loved their Patio furniture as they were eye catching, unique and most importantly fun !

Here are a few of my other favourite pieces from the Acetech, 2019

All in all the Acetech, 2019 was a treat for the eyes and has really given me the true #interiorinspo for the coming year.

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